Beckenham History

The Mistrale Club, Beckenham – A DJ’s story

These are some recollections of the Mistrale Club in Beckenham. I was resident DJ there for about 7 years and during that time there were quite a few changes. It was a long time ago and although I have no shortage of memories, I don’t have date stamps so some of these things could be […]

The Parish Church.

It is generally supposed that the old Church was built in the reign of Edward III, but it is known that a Church existed on the site before 1100 although no reference is made to a Church there in the Domesday Survey of 1086. The Church Register is among the oldest in the Country, dating […]

Kelsey Estate.

It was once thought that about 1216 this estate belonged to a family named de Kelsey, but our more recent historians say that there is no proof that John and William de Kelsey of that time had anything to do with this Kelsey. They say that the beginning of Kelsey lies in 1408 when Maurice […]

Kent House.

In February 1957 yet another old and historic building of the Village days was demolished – KENT HOUSE, which stood in Kent House Road not far from its junction with Lennard Road – thus breaking the final link of over 700 years. The building got its name from being close to the County boundary, the […]

Langley Farm.

Was a separate residence. on the Langley estate, about half a mile from the mansion, the entrance being through a tree-lined drive from Wickham Road. Until 1775 the main road passed close to both Langley mansion and Langley Farm, but in that year Amy Burrell diverted the road to keep traffic away from the mansion, […]

Manor House Estate.

BECKENHAM, soon after the battle of Hastings, with a greater part of the County of Kent, was granted by William the Conqueror to his half-brother Odo, Bishop of Bayeux in Normandy and Earl of Kent, who had accompanied him to England. It was described later as a Parish within the Hundred of Bromley, the Lath […]

Monks Orchard.

The Monks Orchard Estate contained two adjacent farms, Park farm and Eden farm, which met at the county boundary between Surrey and Kent. The probable origin of the name Monks Orchard is from a land-owning Addington family called Munke in 1552. There was Monks Orchard Wood of 44 acres running across the county boundary. In […]

Railways in Beckenham.

Within the former Borough of Beckenham there were twelve railway stations. On the main line from Victoria there are Penge East, Kent House, Beckenham Junction and Shortlands; on the Catford Loop line Ravensbourne; on the Mid-Kent line Lower Sydenham, New Beckenham, Clock House, EImers End, Eden Park and West Wickham; and on the Crystal Palace […]

The Clockhouse.

Strangers to Beckenham, arriving at Clock House Station, invariably ask “Where is the Clock?” The origin of the name appears to have come from a large turret clock which used to be on the stables of a Mansion standing on the site of the present Spa and The Studio. The house was probably built between […]

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