Beckenham History


Lt Royal Engineers.  Killed at Loos age 22, on 25/9/1915, grave 11.D.8, FOSSE 7 MILITARY CEMETERY, QUALITY ST MAZINGARBE, PAS DE CALAIS.

Grandson of Brigadier Sir John Inglis of the siege of Luckow 1857, attended Rugby School and was a fine sportsman. Also attended Abbey School, Beckenham.

His two sisters, Ernestine (Nesta) and Mildred,  were boarders at Tudor Hall School, Chislehurst Common.

Nesta saved the school from closure in the 1930s and became its much loved headmistress moving the school to Banbury in January 1946 where it remains highly successful to this day.

The Chislehurst school was bought by the KCC in 1946 and became the state school, Coopers.

The Rev Rupert Inglis was killed 18/9/1916 forces chaplain age 53, youngest son of the above. BJ 30/9/1916 p3.

Additional Information:
Date of Death: 01/01/1915

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